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Alinco DJ-X7E


€ 209.95 incl. BTW



  • 39 tone squlech. Attenuator(approx20db)
  • easy to program with free downloadable software (optional cable required)
  • De DJ-X7 wordt geleverd incl. Li-ION batterij, lader en antenne.
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Productomschrijving Alinco DJ-X7E

Alinco DJ-X7 scanner

Specificaties Alinco DJ-X7 scanner

  • Frequentie bereik  0.1 - 1300Mhz Continu dekking
  • Modes triple conversion AM/FM double conversion WFM
  • mode selectable regardless of the frequency range
  • 1000 Memory Channels
  • easy to program with free downloadable software (optional cable required)
  • Five operating modes
  • Preset, Programmed, memory VFO, and tone scan
  • Lithium Ion Battery pack
  • Three different antenna modes-earphone antenna,internal bar antenna,and external SMA antenna, an optional external base antenna can also be used.
  • 39 tone squlech. Attenuator(approx20db)
  • Auto Power Off
  • key touch beep(selectable)
  • Battery Save
  • Priority Receive
  • Monitor/Mute
  • Memory save
  • Cable Clone
  • KeyLock
  • Pager Function alert
  • Standard Adaptor charges the Lithium Ion battery, and operates with AC power ( listen while charging )
  • Illuminated LCD
  • Analog inversion scrambler decoder,(E Version)

Inhoud verpakking

  • Alinco DJ X7E scanner
  • Li-ion EBP-58N (600mAh - 3.7V batterij
  • AC adapter (EDC-128)
  • Antenne (EA-133)
  • Oortjes (EME-25)
  • Handleiding

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Kenmerken Alinco DJ-X7E:

1-3 Werkdagen
Aantal kanalen:
1000 Memory Channels
Frequentie bereik:
0.1 - 1300Mhz Continuous Coverage
Illuminated LCD